About the Standard

This is an important and rapidly emerging issue, and the industry has been proactive and developed a list of agreed standard names for commercial, and potentially commercial, aquatic plant species.

The Australian Standard for Aquatic Plant Names (will potentially list standard names for both marine and freshwater plants but will initially focus on comercial aquatic plants

This standard defines the standard names for aquatic plant names including algae, microalgae, samphire, etc to be used in Australia; and specify when standard names are to be used. Plants from marine and freshwater environments are covered by this standard, irrespective of the country of origin.

While the scope of the standard is intentionally broad, the Aquatic Plants Standards Reference Body (SRB) has restricted the initial list of species to key commercial species.

Other commercial species may be added at a later time as necessary.

The Consultation Draft of the Australian Standard for Aquatic Plant Names is available for download.

The Aquatic Plant Names SRB is inviting comment on the proposed standard.