How to comment on proposals to amend the Australian Fish names Standard


The Fish names standard is reviewed and updated at regular intervals. During a review, public comment is sought for all proposed changes. These will be posted on this site.  

The process for commenting, when a call is made is as follows: 
  • Follow the link provided below.

  • Your comments need to focus on whether the proposed Standard Fish Name complies with the Standard Fish Names Protocols.

  • Your completed form will be submitted upon completion 

Applications for public comment 


Public consultation is a key part of the fish names procedures. The Fish Names Committee places great importance on the feedback received from stakeholders when making a final decision on these applications. 

The Fish Names Committee uses a web based procedure to allow for respondents to provide feedback.

The following applications are now available for public comment - the closing date for feedback is 14 March 2018. 

Click on this link and the data will be submitted on completion.

In summary, the applications are:

Group 1 Champagne Crab species  
  • Application 275 to add the SFN Champagne Crab for the species Hypothalassia acerba
  • Application 276 to add the SFN Eastern Champagne Crab for the species Hypothalassia armata
Group 2 Mud Crab species
  • Application 256 to add the SFN Olive Mud Crab (or Brown Mud Crab) for Scylla olivacea (Herbst, 1796)
  • Application 257 to add the SFN Serrated Mud Crab (or Giant Mud Crab) for Scylla serrata (Forsskål, 1775)
  • Application 288 to add the SFN Keeled Mud Crab for Scylla paramamosain Estampador, 1949
Group 3 Sea Cucumber species
  • Application 278 to add the SFN Blackspotted Sea Cucumber for the species Pearsonothuria graeffei (Semper, 1868)
  • Application 279 to add the SFN Snakefish (Sea Cucumber) for the speciesHolothuria coluber Semper, 1868
  • Application 280 to add the SFN Brownspotted Sea Cucumber for the speciesHolothuria impatiens (Forskal, 1775)
  • Application 277 to add the SFN Deepwater Blackfish (Sea Cucumber) for the speciesActinopyga palauensis Panning 1944
  • Application 281 to add the SFN Selenka's Sea Cucumber for the speciesStichopus horrens Selenka, 1868
  • Application 282 to add the SFN Brown-mottled Sea Cucumber for the speciesAustralostichopus mollis  (Hutton, 1872)
  • Application 283 to add the SFN Vastus Curryfish (Sea Cucumber) for the speciesStichopus vastus Sluiter, 1887
  • Application 284 to add the SFN Ocellated Sea Cucumber for the speciesStichopus ocellatus  Massin, Zulfigar, Tan Shau Hwai & Rizal Boss, 2002
  • Application 285 to amend the SFN to Leopardfish (Sea Cucumber) from Tigerfish (Sea Cucumber) for the speciesBohadschia argus (Jaeger, 1833)
  • Application 286 to amend the SFN to Chalkfish (Sea Cucumber) from Brown Sandfish (Sea Cucumber) for the speciesBohadschia marmorata (Jaeger, 1833)
  • Application 287 to amend the SFN to Brown Sandfish (Sea Cucumber) from Chalkfish (Sea Cucumber) for the speciesBohadschia vitiensis (Semper, 1868)
Group 4 Turban Shells and Periwinkles species
  • Application 290 to add the SFN TURBAN SHELLS for Turbinidae spp
  • Application 289 to add the SFN Wavy Periwinkle for the speciesLunella undulata (Lightfoot, 1786)
  • Application 292Add the SFN Turban Sea Snail for the speciesLunella torquata (Gmelin, 1791)
Group 5 Arctic Molva (finfish) species
  • Application 291Add the SFN Arctic Molva for the speciesMolva molva (Linnaeus, 1758)