The Australian Fish Names Committee is established under FRDC, an accredited Standards Development Organisation. The committee assigns of standard fish names in accordance with transparent and rigorous procedures. Fish Names Committee members are appointed by the Board which must ensure that the committee possesses appropriate skills and knowledge.

Fish Names Committee Membership

(as at 24 May 2016)

Independent Chair 

Gus Dannoun

Australian seafood industry Appointee 

Simon Boag

Fisheries Agencies Appointee 

Jason Gibson as nominee and
coordinate attendance with Ian Curnow 

Recreational Fishing Appointee

Russell Conway

Expert Member (Seafood Imports)

Norm Grant

Expert Member (Hospitality) 

Glenn Austin

Expert Member (Major Supermarkets)

Hamish Allen

Expert Member (Seafood Marketing and Fish and
Invertebrates Taxonomy)

Don Tuma

Expert Member (Fish Taxonomy)

Gordon Yearsley

Deputy Chair
Expert Member (Seafood Marketing)

Richard Stevens

Expert    Member (Seafood Processors)

Anthony Mercer

​Department of Agriculture and Water Resources representative ​Lisa McKenzie
​CSIRO Fish Taxomony representative ​Karen Gowlett-Holmes
Expert Member (Master Fish Merchants' Association of Australia representative) ​Kerry Strangas

SDO Representatives


Patrick Hone / John Wilson 


Peter Horvat


Fish Names Secretary


Alan Snow

Project Manager