Aquatic Plant Names Standard AS 5301

The standard names for aquatic plants in Australia is currently under development.

The Aquatic Plant Names standard will potentially have names for both marine and freshwater plants but will initially focus on commercial marine plants.

This is an important and rapidly emerging issue, and the industry needs to be proactive and develop a list of agreed standard names for all commercial, and potentially commercial, aquatic plant species.

This standard will define the standard names for aquatic plant names including algae, microalgae, samphire, etc to be used in Australia; and specify when standard names are to be used.Plants from marine and freshwater environments are covered by this standard, irrespective of the country of origin.

The scope of the standard is intentionally broad, but the species to be considered initially for inclusion in the Australian Standard for aquatic plant names will be limited to edible marine algae, microalgae, and samphire from marine environments but species from freshwater environments can be included as necessary.

Other commercial species may be added at a later time as necessary.

The current list of Aquatic plant names for comment is available here.

Comments can be forwarded to Aquatic Plant Names project manager via